Yahvi Residence

The site is bounded by residences on all 3 sides. This site locked up in between 3 built spaces, demands the need for open green spaces to facilitate abundant lighting and proper ventilation.


Every space on the ground floor embraces with the fully landscaped green spaces. Cross ventilation is ensured in every space, provides a serene and a comfortable environment. Every room on the first floor opens out to a semi-open/open space.


The courtyard is partially covered on the side of the kitchen by a brass mural. The pattern of cut out from the mural is replicated along the courtyard wall, as candle holders. The murals together portray the image of a hand holding a diya. A strip of Moroccan tiles run all along, through the middle of the courtyard.

  • Clients: Lalitha Shankar
  • Scale: 2140 Sq. Ft.
  • Category: Residential
  • Year: 2017