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Inspired by the impact and positive energy of good design, based out of Chennai, Triple O (On Our Own) was set up in January 2010. Triple O is a methodology and acknowledgement of our individual responsibility in achieving massive change through design. We think of design as a tool for change.

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One of a kind. Exclusive. Made to order.

Our design process leads to the creation of bespoke accessories, products and furniture. These are further developed and custom made into unique pieces based on design context.

Mad Angle Table
Mad Angle Stool
Curlicue Chair

What drives us. Thank you!

Blog by Madras Inherited

Talking City Ep. 61
Madras Law College

Being the centre of attention at the first pin code of the city, I am only used to looks of astonishment and wonderment, with eyes squinting at the glaring sun and mouths agape at my…

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Talking City Ep. 59
Marmalong Bridge Plaque

Once, I heard the media refer to me as “one of the oldest living relics of the city”. That made me pause and question myself - if that’s the case, then why am I not given...

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Talking City Ep. 58
Mint Clock Tower

Towers are aplenty in this world, each fighting to rise above the other. I wish to take no part in this competition, which from the looks of it, seem to...

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