Writer's Cafe Bengaluru

The Writers Cafe + Higginbothams book store is housed in a heritage home in a fast-changing locality in Bangalore. The goal of the design is to blend aspects of the vintage home such as celebrating the stone walls with the aesthetics of a modern cafe. The cafe is designed as a place where the love for food and books meet and is composed of spaces that are versatile and cater to various activities. Artwork by multiple artists play a key role in the aesthetic. The setbacks are activated with outdoor seating and landscape. Some spaces are pause spaces to relax and reflect. The seating layout ensures a varied user experience Рfrom a single customer who is looking for a quiet corner, to a large group wants an exclusive dining experience. Materials and finishing were selected in such a way that design ties with its concept used in the first Cafe we designed in Chennai.

  • Clients: Higginbothams Writer's Cafe
  • Category Cafe
  • Year 2019