Stack it Up

‘Stack it Up’ was an installation for CRY in commemoration of the ‘Child in You’ in collaboration with ArchitectureRED as an initiative to promote every child’s Right to Education. It was a temporary installation that was designed and put up at the Marina Beach, along the West coast in Chennai. It was conceived as a framed cuboidal space meant to be physically experienced to give wings to every child’s fascinations and to embrace the curious kid that lurks inside all of us.

A web of Strings, overhead, welcomed everyone to the open space inside the framework. The threads were tied and woven to intersect in various patterns that framed the sky above. It was also a reflection of the challenges constantly faced by children across India that detains Big Dreams and Aspirations for a better future.

The intention of the exhibit was to inform the vast numbers of the public about a large percentage of children struggling to access basic education. It was only a matter of time before it also introduced the idea for more meaningful Urban Art in our public spaces.

  • Client: Child Rights and You
  • Scale: 576 Sq. Ft.
  • Category: Art Installation
  • Year: 2012