Monterosa - Holiday House

Located on the slopes of Sirumalai, Dindigul, the Monterosa Holiday House was designed to enhance the strengths of the contoured site, the incredible valley views, and the encompassing nature – all while respecting the surrounding landscape. The home cantilevers slightly over the slope, engaging nature, architecture and everyday life.

Glass walls and a large terrace and deck area ensure nature is an eternal fixture here. The side of the house that provides the best view of the breathtaking landscape, features a deck that runs the length of the home and behind it several expansive glass windows and openings, so you can take in the scenery from indoors or out. Likewise, interiors are a cool combination of organic materials and sleek style, with the scenery looming over it all. This hill-top Getaway is almost entirely built from locally sourced materials, in keeping with the rationale for sensitivity towards the context.

  • Client: Arvind and Meenakshi Sai
  • Scale: 1500 Sq. Ft.
  • Category: Residential
  • Year: 2013