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Intertwined with Kiev and Ukraine’s imagination, the goal is to create spaces that help appreciate the landscape of the city from a unique vantage point. The view from above the natural landscape is indeed unique. The bridges inadvertently offer the best aerial views of the islands and this is the feature we wish to exploit. The project aims to create an elevated terra firma that acts as pause points and public spaces to let the user realize and better appreciate the Island’s beauty.

The pause points and promenades enhance the relationship the city and the everyday user share with the islands. It encourages people to walk and cycle along the car-dominated bridges and can be a model for bridges worldwide, to add design value on an experiential level.

Support splines

While integrating these new features in the park, existing elements that people appreciated have been maintained. A lot of the things that make up public spaces which are normally unseen have been made visible. With a global agenda of enhancing tourism, improving the image of the city and innovative sustainable spaces, our main user groups are the local residents of the city.

The culture of the local people was analyzed and tourism was taken into consideration before formulating a new set of programs that help articulate the existing ones. These will help create better links between one and another to make some of the islands even more user-friendly, safe and green.

The population density here is not as high as other capital cities world over. This also plays a great role in the way spaces are used and maintained. The long winters in these parts influence the program. The program is designed such that a lot of them would be used actively through the harsh winters as well. The life-line of the city, the Dnieper and Kiev islands would thus be true to its name in the way people use it all year around.

Through this urban space, new levels of meaning will accrue.

  • Client: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Scale: 4 Kilometres
  • Category: Urban Design
  • Year: 2012