Japan Marine Spares

A collage of well-defined workspaces bound by warm and chic interiors that echo impressions of the sea and its waves define this office space in Vepery, Chennai. Being an office that deals with spare parts of ships, the interiors were designed to reflect lines and patterns of a ship’s anatomy and also fuse the effect that water creates on glass. The cubicles feature conveniently designed work desks for the staff and prominently several storage racks to hold their myriad of files. The shelves were custom designed with abstract patterns of the service pipelines in the mechanical floors of a ship. The partition walls also contain etchings on them resembling the lines one would observe while inside a ship.

The office space is an apartment converted into a work arena to suit the specific needs of the distinct line of work the company is involved in. The office space had to account for workspaces for around 30 employees, a manager’s cabin, a discussion room and a pantry. The apartment walls were removed to make way for a synergetic cubicle environment.

  • Clients: Japan Marine Spares
  • Category Commercial Interiors
  • Year 2013