23 Cenotaph

The project was about creating a commercial space to achieve a higher value in the marketplace. With its location in an extremely sliver site, in a prominent part of the city, the commercial space had to be more than an aluminium clad box.

Although multiple factors play an important role in strategy making, the ultimate decision was to make smart choices that would provide the maximum return on the investment for the owner and the tenants. This included planning and understanding of the building’s location, competition, and tenant target market. Opportunities revealed themselves when understanding the market issues and solving the building challenges like FSI, natural lighting, and of course, curb appeal.

Each of these areas ensured a more efficient commercial space rather than the conventional ones in the marketplace, but without curb appeal, no one may even want to look at the building. “The first impression starts at the curb, goes into the lobby and up the elevator”, they say. The idea was to create a brand for the building itself rather than it being a placeholder for another. The plot number itself was taken as the key to creating the identity – 23 Cenotaph.

  • Client: Sadiq and Co.
  • Scale: 4500 Sq. Ft.
  • Category: Commercial
  • Year: 2014