Triple O Studio | Wilderness
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About This Project

The project called for an alternative look at social housing. The task was to design a simple, low budget, easy to build home in rural Russia that fully respected the site.
Although two choices of house location were suggested we chose to find our own place to build – between existing buildings that were on the site – saving cost by sharing walls and also improving the thermal performance of the building. Making sure that we got the basics right the design allows for complete openness to nature and can be completely insulated with screens as and when the need arises.  Our goal was to focus on the aesthetics and artistic appeal of a low cost home which normally takes a back seat in most similar projects. We experimented with the placement of our bamboo members and created a man made pocket of forest within the wilderness.

Wilderness won Honorable Mention in the Social Revolution design competition.

Wilderness has been featured on Archiscene and Social Revolution.

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