Triple O Studio | Bamiyan Cultural Centre
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About This Project

In a rural-central town of Afghanistan, in a backdrop of mountains and caves, the Cultural Centre pays ode to the landscape of Bamiyan. Rather than acting as a conventional building, it aims to approach the idea as an anonymous architectural element of the rural landscape that is open to the elements and not competing with the scale of the archaeological remains.
The natural surroundings dictate many aspects of the Cultural Centre’s design, from the master plan to the selection of building materials. The contours of the building seem to mimic the surrounding landscape, and intentionally so.
As an extension of the existing landscape, the Cultural Center minimizes its physical presence becoming partially buried in a volume that appears as a shaded spline in the landscape of the hillside. Part of the roof is in turn walkable and accessible, allowing visitors to walk through the cultural landscape, further blurring the boundary between the building and the ground.


Bamiyan Cultural Centre has been featured on Descroll.

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